Meet Frosty

Meet Frosty

Its been a terrible winter as far as winters…not with bad weather per se…but without much winter weather.  The brown grass and dirty mounds of snow, which only serves to tease us that we haven’t had much opportunity to play in the snow this year, are rather depressing.  Add a three week sickness and you’ve got some pretty sad kiddos.

So I decided we needed a Frosty anyway and found some old newspaper (mine were all recycled, so I got some from a neighbor and some more from the grandparents).

The I let the kiddos make a mess scatter the newspaper over the floor (after making room of course).


So after I decided that wasn’t the greatest idea I sent Eli in to get dressed (no it wasn’t afternoon, really) and picked up half of the mess.  When Eli came back, he was dressed and had a winter hat on ready to make a snowman.  ;)  So Moriah got one too and first they made snow angels.

Yeah probably her white Hannah Andersson outfit wasn’t the best outfit to play in dirty newsprint either…Whoops!

These two made me laugh hysterically.  Elijah tried to “eat” the snow and Moriah wouldn’t let him.  We laughed and laughed…Even Roxy joined in the fun.


So after a lot of laughs, some dirty hands, a giant mess and some masking tape later we had a snowman!  Meet Frosty!

Yeah…my boy is a complete goofball…he takes after his mama daddy!  Blame him!

Thanks to Frugal Family Fun for such a fun idea!  :)

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